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About Buguda

Buguda is a small Notified Area Committee town in Ganjam district of Odisha state. According to 2011 census this town had a population of approximately 14,000. It is located approximately 70 kms away from Berhampur city, commercial capital of Ganjam District. The town is home to many educational institutes and simultaneously also has many important offices like a Court of Law, Tehasil office, Block office and Sub-registration office. Besides, many historical temples dot nearby landscape of this small town.

About Buguda
Jagannath Temple in Buguda

Economy of Buguda

Buguda has a completely agricultural driven economy. This dependence is obvious consequence of the fact that Industrial and Service sector has a very marginal presence across this region. More than 70% of town’s workforce is solely dependent on agriculture sector for their economic sustenance. Many conducive factors also make agricultural a pretty productive occupation for locals here. This town not only receives substantial rainfall, but also has two irrigation dams to rely on for good harvest. These two dams are namely Baghua Dam and Dhanei Dam. It is also important to note that today considerable numbers of people from Buguda town are employed in innumerable industries in Berhampur town. In that sense Industrial sector does cast indirect influence on the local economy.

Healthcare Services in Buguda

There is a well equipped government hospital operating right into heart of Buguda town. It is the most premium healthcare institution of this small town. Although it is not a very advanced hospital but almost all local patients - suffering from major as well as minor diseases – are successfully treated at this hospital. This well equipped government hospital coupled with few other private hospitals make up the foundation of entire local healthcare services. Although this foundation is not very robust and 100% reliable as such, but it is certainly providing needed support to local healthcare needs. Another important factor that augurs well for local patients is presence of chemist shops and general clinics. Although there number is not very high, but can be described as acceptable and satisfactory – especially from standard of a small local town.

Reputed Hospitals near Buguda

Paradies Nursing Home
Address: New Bus Stand Road, Bramha Nagar, Berhampur University, Berhampur, Ganjam - 760007
Phone no: +(91)-680-6450260, +(91)-9238699009

Bellagaon Community Health Centre
Address: 73, Hinjilicut Block, Near Shiva Mandir, Bellagaon, Ganjam Ho, Ganjam - 761026
Phone no: +(91)-6811-245762

Aesharat Nursing Home Poly Clinic
Address: Chatarjee Lane, Berhampur, Old Bus Stand Road, Ganjam Ho, Ganjam - 761026
Phone no: +(91)-6811-2221680, +(91)-9337000055

Transportation in Buguda

Very similar to most small towns, even Buguda town boosts a very limited public transportation infrastructure. There are only few auto rickshaws that are currently plying across this town. Even frequency of state run buses is not that high. Besides, another very inconvenient factor is that Balugaon Railway Station – nearest railway station – is located some 42 kms away. However, one pleasant factor is that Buguda town is very well connected via road to many important cities like Berhampur, Ganjam, Bhanjanagar, and Chatrapur. Direct connectivity to all these important cities is obviously huge boon – not just for economy but also for daily travelling commuters.

Tourist Attractions in Buguda

Buguda town is a very beautiful place in its own right. The many scenic picnic spots and beautiful temples are living proof of this fact. Below is very information about all these worthwhile places that Buguda town has to offer.

Buddhakhola hill: At a distance of about 3 km towards the north of Buguda is Buddhakhola hill. At very top of this hill are 5 scared Shiva temples, which are popularly known as Panchu Mahadeva temple among locals here. But real special thing that these 5 Shiva temples have been surrounded by lush greenery by all sides. It almost makes devotees feel that divinity and nature have seamlessly come together.

Biranchi Narayan Temple: This is unarguably the oldest temple of Buguda region. It was constructed during ancient era of 1790 CE. The kind of rich history that this temple evokes invariably makes it a popular and sacred temple of this region. It is, however, architectural beauty that is real soul of this temple. The temple is built in unique form of a chariot driven by seven horses. The unique construction of this temple completely beholds attention of tourists and devotees.

Jagannath Temple: Popularly known as Baladeva temple, this temple is located within jurisdiction of Buguda town. Just like Jagannath Temple of Puri, even this Jagannath Temple hosts a car festival every year, which is one of the main annual attractions of Buguda town.

Baghua Dam: This is a medium size irrigation dam that is located some 13 kms away from Buguda town. It is surrounded with considerable lush greenery. Making it a favorable spot for picnic and excursion for locals.

Dhanei Dam: Just like Baghua Dam, even Dhanei Dam has all the makings of a beautiful picnic spot. It is equally surrounded by lot of lush greenery. There is also an Inspection Bungalow of Odisha Irrigation Department that is used as accommodation by visiting tourist.

Banking Services in Buguda

Currently two reputed Nationalized Banks are operating their branches in Baghua town. Presence of these two banks is absolutely invaluable for a small and underdeveloped town like Baghua, as most reputed banks always shy away from opening their branches in such areas. Besides these two banks, Baghua’s people can also avail services of banks that are operating in all its adjoining towns and villages.

State Bank of India
Address: Karchuli, Buguda, Ganjam – 761118
Phone no: +(91)-6818-256605, +(91)-9337182795

Indian Bank
Address: Polosora Road, Buguda, Ganjam – 761118
Phone no: +(91)-6816-250133

Safety and Security in Buguda

The small town of Buguda has always managed to maintain its distance from the world of crime. This fact in a way is testimony of stable law and order prevailing across the town. Simultaneously, this is also testimony of all the great efforts put in by Buguda Police station. Their continuous vigilance also has a huge role to play in making this town stable and peaceful. Especially their role in maintaining peace and stability in region during important festivals is very critical.

Buguda Police Station: 06818 -250124

Buguda at a glance

Country : India
State : Odisha
District : Ganjam
• Official : Oriya
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
STD code: 06818
Pin code: 761118

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